Pieces of aluminum. The decoration of the job. Production for decoration. Emphasis on the production system. Anodized aluminum leaning of aluminum sheet forming various

Screen printing is available in its logo. Label label panel appliances. Label circuit panel. Electronic publishing includes the job-specific information.

All the houses face the screen printing the job. Print out and color plastic layer between 7 to 18 colors.
 Both translucent. And opaque to the user. Dial Tone mile. Demand a high level of quality.



Aluminum anodizing is lean manufacturing techniques , aluminum signs that are resistant to climate .

And last for more than 30 years. The special properties of the aluminum .

Chemical process to generate the honeycomb skin , which increases the hardness, corrosion resistance .

And various solvents . As well, including the ability to create different colors.

The dye into the aluminum body . Thus ensuring that the label is not the end anodizing .

Paint peeling off the lifespan suitable for use as a parts machine .

Industrial buildings and wall signs . Not only the desired durability.

Anodized aluminum is also acceptable end beauty products for design as well.


Pieces of aluminum for decorative work produced for the company furnished.

Production system Anodized aluminum leaning of aluminum sheet forming various



Screen printing can be done on a variety of materials in modern colorful dimensions are unlimited.

Logo label panel electronics, manufactured from a variety of screen printing, it does not matter.

Labels are printed on plastic sheets with polyester poly carbo. A clean vinyl Selig. Aluminum sheets and more.

Screen printing available variety. Such as logos, labels, labels, labels, instrument panel electrical circuit includes printing the job in particular.

Screen print quality of our calibration is universally held that, in the medium to high-quality printing, specialty materials to choose from.

Reclaimed as diverse as the people who have to rely only on the choice of materials to suit the most cost-effective price.



All the houses face the clear plastic screen printing the job. And print out the color between 7 to 18 has both translucent and opaque colors to match the dashboard houses a mile.

Demand a high level of quality control must be no larger than 100 microns and the dust must not pass the desired light or opacity. Meet scorer in translucent

Today, the company is able to control the production process, quality products delivered to the customer production line at a rate lower than the 50 pieces in one million pieces.


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